The Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends For 2024

2023 has brought us couples from all over the world and embracing everyone’s different styles and aesthetics has been a wonderful learning process for us! Styles have evolved and the trend to add your own personal touch to engagement rings has increased. From engraved initials, to adding hidden birthstones, at Taj Jewels, everything has been tried and tested this year.

Keep reading to reveal our most popular engagement ring trends of 2024!

The Most popular engagement ring by style:

Introducing the solitaire Oval cut with an 18 karat gold band. A style that has been heavily influenced by affluent couples in the media. Hailey Beiber’s engagement ring features a solitaire oval cut diamond set on a plain 18 karat gold band. This initiated the rise in the oval shapes popularity and again in October 2021, Kourtney Barker posted a close-up of her stunning engagement ring. Her ring features an elongated oval-shaped diamond (estimated at 10-12 carats) set on a thin platinum diamond pavé band. Ever since then, we have seen a huge surge in brides requesting oval shape engagement rings on all sorts of settings. However, the solitaire oval cut with a 18 karat gold band has remained on top.


Molly Mae's Oval cut engagement ring. Source: Instagram @mollymae 

Most Popular Metal:

Platinum has remained a firm favourite ever since it overtook 18 karat white gold due to its excelled durability. Platinum is also favoured for its hypoallergenic properties. However, we are happy to have seen a rise in the popularity of 18 karat yellow gold due to its warming tones and traditional ties.

Best-selling stone:

One thing which has grown tremendously over the past year is everyone’s love for Lab diamonds. Lab diamonds have made it accessible for many more people to get their hands on beautiful single stone engagement rings. Lab grown diamonds are identical to their mined equivalent in every way other than where they came from. Physically, chemically, and visually, it is impossible to tell them apart.

Gemological institutes such as the GIA and IGI provide certification on cultured diamonds in the same way they do for mined diamonds. Every diamond we use is responsibly sourced and can be traced back to the lab it was grown in so we know for sure that no conflict diamonds are ever used in our jewellery. 

Most popular ring setting

The hidden halo is a modern take on the traditional halo design. Clients wanted the ability to wear a solitaire style engagement ring, without losing any extra sparkle in the ring setting. The hidden halo fits perfectly with any shaped diamond and often provides a slightly higher setting allowing for a wed-fit band.

Best-selling ring for the romantic

 Introducing the Round 4 claw design! With the minimum number of claws needed to set the centre diamond, this style allows the most amount of light into your diamond, giving it maximum sparkle and fire. The four corners made by the prongs are also said to symbolise balance and support you share within a marriage.

Best-selling ring for the bold

The pear-shaped diamond has a remarkably similar sparkle to a round brilliant diamond, but with its elongated cut that comes to a point, it creates a unique look that is so undeniably bold. This shape is more often seen complemented with a diamond halo but has been seen a lot more recently in a simpler solitaire setting.


Get inspired by our top picks

1. Radiant Classic 





2. Emerlad Solitaire Hidden Halo 

3. Round Hidden Halo Gold 

4. Oval Hidden Halo 

Our 2024 Predictions

Based on our rising requests from couples, we predict a huge comeback in the Gold Engagement Ring. The warm gold tones complement so many skin tones and sit perfectly with other wedding jewellery such as traditional gold bangles seen in many Asian weddings.

We also predict a surge in coordinating men’s wedding bands and ladies’ engagement rings. This is due to the reaction we received following the release of the Mr & Mrs collection on our Instagram and TikTok page.

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Finally, we hope to continue to be a part of many wedding proposals to come.