Why Choose A Lab Grown Diamond?

At Taj Jewels we are proud to offer all the sparkle of diamonds with sustainable and equally durable semi precious gemstones. No mining, no deforestation, no environmental impact and no unfair labour. But what are the differences between lab grown and natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are identical to their mined equivalent in every way other than one.. where they came from. Physically, chemically and visually, it is impossible to tell them apart. In the same way that natural mined diamonds are truly unique in their formation, lab created diamonds also vary in their characteristics, from clarity to colour. 

Despite their individuality, there's one thing that each of our lab grown diamonds have in common. Exceptional beauty and quality. Our diamonds are certified to assure you of their grade, and are assessed on the 4C's - Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. Gemological institutes such as the GIA provide certification on cultured diamonds in the same way they do for mined diamonds.

Lab created diamonds cost less. Both in the cost to the earth and to the people to choose to buy them. You can expect to pay up to 50% less for a lab grown diamond that for its mined counterpart of the same grade. Every diamond we use is responsibly sourced and can be traced back to the lab it was grown in so we know for sure that no conflict diamonds are ever used in our jewellery.